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Beautiful Albanian Names

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If you’re interested in beautiful Albanian names and looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. 

As a children’s book publisher for personalized picture books, we focus a lot on children and their names. Both our Search-and-Find World book and our baby book “Welcome to the World” are available in Albanian.

We’ve taken a closer look at some the orders placed for these two children’s books and in this blog article we show you some Albanian names that have particularly caught our eye.

Albanian names – our selection

Albanian names for boys

  • Ledri
  • Egzon
  • Admin
  • Fitim
  • Besian
  • Eron
  • Alban
  • Enes
  • Avni
  • Hashim
  • Dren
  • Jetmir
  • Arijon

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Albanian names for girls

  • Gresa
  • Donika
  • Jeta
  • Blinera
  • Valdrina
  • Dafina
  • Arijona
  • Elvana
  • Liridona
  • Dua
  • Adelina
  • Bleona

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Albanian names: the meaning behind them 

Now let’s take a closer look at the names listed above and the meanings behind them. 


The name Donika originates from the Greek name Andonikos and means “The Victorious”. 

Another popular name is Blinera. The name means “The scent of a blossom” or “Scent of the linden tree”.

Ever since Dua Lipa became so hugely popular the name Dua has likewise become a hit. In Turkish it means “prayer” however “Te dua” in Albanian means, ‘I love you’.

Ledri is the abbreviation of the name Ledrian. This boys’ name means ‘He who is born free’..  

The Albanian name Fitim means “Winning”. 

Another beautiful Albanian name is Arijon. Occasionally you’ll see it speltArion. The name carries the meaning ‘Our gold’ our ‘Our treasure’.

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