Hike -Father and child taking in the view

Librio Library #36 – Hike – Pete Oswald

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Why we chose ‘Hike’

In the three years since we first started our Librio Library top picks we’ve already shared over 30 books from our own collection. The very first of these was a magical picture book without text.


Text-free picture books have their very own sense of magic to them and belong to our of favorite genres. With that in mind we thought we’d share another of our favorites from this category: ‘Hike’ – by Pete Oswald.

Hike book cover

The father and son adventure begins in the early hours of the morning. Literally leaping out of bed, the son starts to get ready – all the while trying to avoid his pet cat who tries to get underfoot! (No surprises there!) Hiking shoes on, backpack packed and they’re off and headed into nature for their day out.

‘Hike’ is a magical story about the strong bond between father and son and the beauty of nature. The book has been nominated for the Children’s Literature Prize 2022; the ceremony takes place in October this year.

Favorite image

The illustrations by Pete Oswald are an absolute dream to look at. They render text absolutely unnecessary with their wonderfully expressive images which really help awaken the reader’s imagination.


Hike adventure images

Kids will like

The day in the mountains brings many adventures along with it: a steep ascent, wild animals, crossing a rushing river. It’s a story full of excitement!


Adults will like

In addition to the impressive illustrations of nature, it is also moving how the father-child relationship is represented.

If you like ‘Hike’ by Pete Oswald

There are many books by Pete Oswald to choose from, for example ‘The Good Egg’ or ‘The Bad Seed’.

The Los Angeles based artist has also worked on ‘Madagascar 2’, ‘Cloudy with a prospect of meatballs’ and other children’s films.

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