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Make your own bear mask

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In our previous activity sheets, we’ve shown you how to make your own flying owl and also a giant sandwich for Mr. Bear. In this one, we’ll show you how to make your own Bear Mask.

All you’ll need is our free downloadable print out, some scissors, some elastic and colouring pens or pencils. For best results we recommend printing the design out on slightly stronger paper or card.

Have fun! Grrrr.

Simply print out our free, downloadable template. For more stability, we recommend using slightly thicker paper for this, or even card. Then, all you need is a pair of scissors and some glue and ‘heave ho me hearties’, away you go! 

More activity ideas

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By the way: All our Librio Books are sent in their very own little bear package. Our gift wrap bear is also ideal for being creative with, as you can see in this fantastic photo from one of our lovely customers.

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