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Pirate Money-Bank: Getting creative with paper

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In our book ‘A Tale of Two’ you’ll meet a lot of exciting characters. One of the most exciting is our Pirate, Captain Blackbeard. In this activity you will be able to make your very own pirate money-bank. Oooh Arrrr! 

Simply print out our free, downloadable template. For more stability, we recommend using slightly thicker paper for this, or even card. Then, all you need is a pair of scissors and some glue and ‘heave ho me hearties’, away you go! 

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Or, if you would like to check out our book ‘A Tale of Two’, click HERE. In this book you can configure both of the main characters. It’s a story where the children play a fantastical game of hide and seek in the library, exploring all kinds of different books.

Let’s see if you can spot good ol’ Captain Blackbeard!