DIY Penguin

A cute DIY penguin

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Too hot for you and your kids outside? Then how about staying indoors and trying out our cool (get it?) DIY penguin crafting video. It’s not just fun to make, but fun for the kids to play with when done as well. If they want, it also makes a wonderful nursery decoration.

A hand-crafted penguin – the perfect decoration for the playroom

In our popular Search-and-Find books you send a child of your choice on an exciting journey to fantastic places such as the pyramids in Egypt, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and even to see the Northern Lights in Finland. Alongside them they have their trusted traveling penguin. Hidden, just like the child, in all of the images. 

In the following crafting video we show your children how they can bring the Librio penguin to life with minimal materials and effort. In no time you have a homemade figurine to play with or to use as a decorative eye-catcher in their room. 

By the way: In our Search-and-Find World and our Search-and-Find Europe books, there are even more things to be found. On every page your little one can also look for objects associated with the place in question as well as a number which can then be used to reveal a secret message. Find out more on our webpage.

DIY Penguin – Video instructions

Whatever you choose to use the penguin for, whether as a decoration, as a gift or as a toy, with just some paper, a toilet roll tube, some glue and a pair of scissors you can create it in virtually no time. 


Watch our tutorial to find out how!

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