Advent calendar for kids

Advent calendar for kids

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A personalized Advent calendar for kids

How long is it until Christmas? For adults, the run up to Christmas usually rushes by way too fast, trying to find gifts for everybody and get everything ready for the festivities. For kids though, it’s a different thing entirely! They’re so excited for the big day that the time in between seems to drag by.

Puzzles, coloring pages and craft ideas

Instead of chocolate, with this Advent calendar, the little ones can look forward to 24 exciting puzzles all involving an amusing story about the characters, Floof and Woof. With Spot-the-Difference, to Dot-to-Dots and multiple coloring pages it will definitely keep the little ones busy on those days leading up to Christmas. 


At the end of the 24 days, your little one will find a surprise gift from you. A day at the pool, a voucher for a book, a trip to the adventure park or a day of baking together – the choice is yours.

An Advent calendar and Christmas gifts for kids

The Advent calendar is produced as sustainably as possible and sent in our much loved bear packaging. Be sure to snap it up quickly because it’s a limited edition: once they’re gone, they’re gone!


As with all Librio products, it’s printed on 100% recycled paper. In addition to the calendar, you’ll find many other beautiful gift ideas for kids in the online Librio store. How about, for example, a hidden object book in which your child gets to search for himself? Or perhaps you’d prefer an exciting forest fairy tale with your child as the lead role?


If you’re interested in taking a look behind the scenes of the Advent calendar for kids, we recommend this article. In this interview with author Patricia Brüniger and illustrator Leiticia Perrenoud, they tell us how this Advent calendar was created. A fascinating conversation about teamwork, creativity and listening to Christmas songs in the height of summer!

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