Beautiful boys’ names

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With more than 400,000 books already having been printed by Librio, we’ve been fortunate enough to see a huge variety of names come through our doors. As a publisher of children’s books, our focus is understandably on children and their names and so using the diverse selection of names we’ve seen inspires us time and again to share these ‘top lists’ with you, most of which you can see on our blog.


In this particular article, it’s all about boys’ names. To mix it up a little, this time we’ve taken a closer look at orders made for our book „My Fantabulous Orchestra“ and put together just a few of the ones which caught our eye.

Beautiful boys’ names: Our selection

Beautiful boy’s names and their meanings

Now let’s take a closer look at the meaning behind some of these.


Andrew is of Greek origin and means “strong” or “manly”. It’s a popular name denoting bravery and is a variant of the Greek name Andreas which is also very popular in German speaking countries.


Carlo is the Italian form of Carl and means “the man”, “the husband” and “the free”. We’ve got a more extensive selection of beautiful Italian names for you here.


The name Erik is of Old Norse origin and a variant spelling of the name Eric. It’s derived from “Eirīkr”; this is composed of the words ‘ei’ meaning ‘ever, always’ and ‘rīkr’ meaning ‘ruler’. Therefore a popular meaning of the name is ‘eternal ruler’.


The meaning of the name Leano can be found here on our Instagram page


The first name Micah is a variation of the name Micahel, and comes from the Hebrew Mikha’el, meaning “Who is like the lord”. 

The name Oscar is rooted in Irish culture and folklore. It was the first name of the infamous author Oscar Wilde (a personal favorite) and is derived from the Gaelic elements of os, meaning “deer” and car, meaning “loving”. The name was given to one of the mightiest warriors in Irish legends and is still extremely popular today as you can see it was featured in our most popular baby names article this past January.

Beautiful boys’ names – our inspiration

These are just a few of the beautiful names we’ve encountered whilst processing orders for our popular picture book, “My Fantabulous Orchestra”.


The story is aimed at children of 3+ and is all about music and imagination.


One day, after a trip to see the incredible Madame Fidelli and her Fabulous Orchestra, they hatch a plan to create their very own Orchestra. Except this one won’t just be fabulous, it’ll be FANTABULOUS.

Carlo and his fantabulous orchestra book