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Beautiful girls’ names

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Printer Bear and his treasure chest of names

There are many beautiful girls’ names out there. Long, short, exotic, old-fashioned – everyone’s taste is as different and unique as the little one the name eventually is chosen for. 


We asked Printer Bear what names he would have chosen for his little girl and boy cubs and he had a think about it. Together, we came up with a list of beautiful and sometimes unique names. Last month it was all about boys’ names, this month it’s the girls’ turn. We hope you enjoy browsing our selection as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Beautiful and unique girls’ names

The inspiration behind our lists of names comes from all the orders we’ve created for the young ladies out there over the past few years. This time around though we focused mainly on our picture book “My Fantabulous Orchestra”.


The book is all about having the courage to follow your dreams and it takes a child of your choice deep into the exciting world of music. In addition to the name and appearance, you can also choose which instrument the child should play.

Our list: Beautiful girls’ names from A-Z

Beautiful girls’ names and their meanings

Amy is the English abbreviation of the French name Aimée. It has a rather beautiful meaning behind it: “the beloved” or “the loving”.


You’ve probably met a girl or a woman with the name Anna before, but do you know what the meaning behind the name is? We’ve found several meanings, such as “full of grace”, “beautiful” or “charming”.

Emma means “the great” or “all encompassing”. This beautiful girls’ name has been popular ever since the 19th Century. Today it’s one of the most popular girls’ names in both German and English speaking countries as you can see from our evaluation of our most popular baby names.

Laura means “laurel crowned” and is of Latin origin. It’s also an abbreviated version of the name Laurentia. 


The name Marina means “from the sea”,as well as “little Maria”. 


Another beautiful name which has its origins in Greek is the name Ophelia which became popular thanks to Shakespeare’s play, “Hamlet”. Translated, Ophelia means “the favorable” or “the winner”.


Sophia means “wisdom”. This is a hugely popular name in multiple countries. In English speaking countries girls’ names beginning with S are the most frequently searched for. You can read more about this here.

Noticeably rarer is Zoe. The meaning behind Zoe is “life”. You can check out even more unique names in this blog article here.

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