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Birthday food ideas for kids

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Are you in the middle of party preparations and looking for inspiration for Birthday food ideas for kids? You are? Then you’re in the right place.


In this blog article, we’ll show you some delicious ideas for birthday food for kids’ parties. Perfect for when they have a hankering for a small snack between games and before the birthday cake!

Birthday food ideas for kids: Our recommendations

Sweet or savory, the choice is yours: Librio snacks can be prepared with just a few ingredients. They’re also fun to look at and are guaranteed to appeal to the little ones. The prepping is so easy that you can make them together with the kids for a bit of party fun as well. This way you’ll have fun, and tasty snacks for the kids in no time at all!

Food for the birthday party: Video instructions

Inspired by the forest animals from our picture book, “The Tree, The Key & Me” we’ve come up with some good bite sized animal themed snacks. Check out our video tutorials on YouTube via the link below. The ingredients can of course be changed and mixed up according to your preferences or to the season. We hope you enjoy these fun snacks!

After the food: Gift ideas for the birthday child

The food for the little one’s birthday is important, but it’s not everything! Sooner or later, the question of a suitable gift for the little one will come into play. 


At Librio, you’ll find a wonderful selection of personalized children’s books. In our online store, you can personalize the name and appearance of the main character(s) and thus create the perfect gift for the birthday child. How about a personalized Search-and-Find book for example where the little one gets to search for themselves?

All Librio products are produced as sustainably as possible. The books are printed on high-quality, 100% recycled paper and are available in soft and hardcover versions. A personal dedication can also be added on the first page. We have put together some nice text suggestions for you in this blog article.

Congratulations for the birthday child

A personalized greeting card, and you can find various birthday motifs in the Librio online store. The cards are sent in an envelope and usually arrive within four to seven working days.

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