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Boys’ names beginning with S

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Our inspiration for boys’ names beginning with S

Looking for boy’s names beginning with S, but feeling a bit lost? Well look no further! 

As a publisher of over 300,000 personalized children’s books you could say that children and their names are just somewhat of a priority here at Librio. You, the customer, get to decide who plays the lead role in our storybooks. With just a few clicks of your mouse you can create a character who looks just like the little one of your choice. 

In a previous post we mentioned some of the most popular baby’s names in 2021. This time around we’re being slightly more specific and taking a look at some of the most searched for baby names – boys’ names beginning with S. To do this, we’ve delved into our database to find out exactly which boys’ names beginning with S have been popular when customers have created their very own ‘Welcome to the World’ book. We hope you enjoy looking through our selection, and, who knows! Perhaps you might find the one you’ve been searching for all along.

Boys’ names beginning with S

The meaning behind the names

Right, Sherlock Holmes mode on. Let’s have a bit of a more intense look at these names and the meanings behind them.


The name Sonny is of Anglo-Saxon origin, Sonny is a boy’s name that means, perhaps unsurprisingly, “son.” Sonny originated as a nickname, whether to refer to a boy child or as a diminutive of names such as Salvatore, Santino, or even Emerson.


Spencer is a boy’s name of English origin meaning “house steward, dispenser of provisions”. As a family surname, the surname version was often spelled Spenser in the past, as in Edmund Spenser, the poet known for The Faerie Queene.


While both boys and girls use the spellings Skylar and Skyler, Skyler tends to be most popular for boys. There is a third variation: Schuyler, a surname meaning “scholar” that Dutch settlers brought to New York in the 17th century. Nicknames include the soaring Sky and Skye.


For those who love being at one with nature, Silas is a great choice. Silas is a boy’s name of Latin origin. Meaning “forest” and “woods”. 


Sean is a boys’ name and is pronounced shon. It is of Irish and Hebrew origin, and holds the  meaning, “God is gracious”. Interestingly, it’s a variant of John, from French Jean. It also only became popular outside of Ireland in the 20th century.


Another very popular name at the moment, thanks to a certain TV Series, is Sheldon. The meaning of Sheldon is ‘town in the valley’, according to its English origin. Biblically, the meaning of the name is ‘steep valley’. However, it also has Anglo-Saxon roots, where the meaning is ‘from the hill on the ledge’. 

But which name should I choose? 

We hope that our collection has helped in inspiring you if you were experiencing a case of ‘name-brain-block’. If you’re interested in some girls’ names beginning with S and looking for inspiration, we recommend checking out our other article here. Our online shop can be found here. There you’ll find all of our products from personalized books to beautiful Art Prints as well as greeting cards.

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