Ella Piratella auf ihrem Segelboot

Daniela The Pirate – Susanna Isern and Ana Gomez – Librio Library #55

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Why we chose “Daniela The Pirate’

Gender stereotypes have long been an topic of discussion in literature and also in the world of children’s books. We’re always all the more pleased then when we find wonderful picture books that don’t revolve around stereotypical gender roles. Here we talk about the latest addition to our Librio Library. This month, it’s “Daniela The Pirate ” by Susanne Isern and Ana Gomez. 

Daniela The Pirate Cover

Even though everyone is afraid of the dangerous crew of the Black Croc, Daniela makes every effort to find the legendary pirate ship. After all, she also wants to become a pirate. In order to be accepted into the crew of the Black Croc, the girl has to face the difficult challenges the Captain sets her in order to prove her worth as a pirate. Will Daniela be able to fulfill her dream of a pirate life?

Favorite image

During the first pirate test, Daniela has to prove that she can find some fish for the hungry crew members. Of course, the courageous young girl doesn’t need telling twice. Without hesitation, she plunges headlong into the sea to return with a huge amount of fish for the crew. 

Daniela the Pirate is wonderfully and colorfully illustrated and lends an enjoyable look into Pirate life.

Daniela diving down to find some fish

Kids will like

An exciting adventure on a pirate ship? Tons of kids have dreamt of doing that very thing! Right from the start, little ones are drawn into the challenges Daniela faces and whether she’ll succeed in her mission.

Adults will like

Only boys are allowed to be pirates?! Shiver me timbers, what utter tosh!

This book addresses gender roles in a sympathetic, gentle way. Above all though, it’s an exciting story that adults can also enjoy.

If you like “Daniela The Pirate”

Good news for all those who want to continue sailing around the world with Daniela the Pirate! Since 2020, the second adventure, “Daniela and the Pirate Girls” is also available for little ones.

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