Fun Easter crafting ideas

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It’s time to make some Easter decorations. In this blog article, we’ll be showing you some fun Easter crafting ideas for kids. Wishing you all a very happy Easter! 

Easter decorations: Cards and more

Did you know that Librio makes personalized greeting cards? In our online store, you’ll find a selection of wonderful cards for a variety of different occasions. Perhaps you’re looking for some fun crafting ideas and need some inspiration? Then check out our latest DIY video. Grab some sturdy paper or card, some gouache paint, felt-tip pens and wobbly eyes and get cracking!

You can of course expand on the hand and fingerprint ideas – you don’t have to make them as greeting cards. The technique shown here can be used to make whatever you like, for example a pennant, placemat or even name-cards for Easter brunch or something similar. The choice is entirely up to you!

Rabbit bookmark – crafting activity

Although it was originally intended as a bookmark, our origami bunny is also suitable as an Easter decoration. These lovely little bunnies are a colorful, homemade, fun crafting activity and will definitely be something for your little ones to show off at any Easter get togethers. 

Bunny mask – crafting activity

An Easter meal with little ones can occasionally be a bit of a struggle if they get bored and find it hard sitting still for long periods of time. Download our free printable template and print it on some sturdy paper. Keep crayons, scissors and elastic ready and the Easter crafting fun can begin!

You can find more animal mask ideas in this blog article.

Crafting activities making the little ones hungry? We’ve got you covered!

How about a healthy snack in between crafting activities? With just some fruit and vegetables a small, fun snack can be put together in next to no time at all.

A special gift from the Easter Bunny

Once the Easter egg hunt is over, how about something just as exciting to keep your little ones entertained at Easter? In our personalized Search-and-Find World book, your little one goes on a worldwide adventure. In each country, they must find themselves as well as a variety of animals and objects local to the place in question. In addition, a unique number code is hidden in the book which, when solved, can lead them to a secret message from you

The perfect Easter gift – and one that lasts a lot longer than chocolate!

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