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Gifts for Mother’s Day

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A surprise for Mom: Gifts for Mother’s Day

If you’re looking for a special, unique gift for Mother’s Day, something which will bring a smile to her face every day, not just on the day itself, then you’ve come to the right place.

Gifts for Mother’s Day: A Personalized book

Three cheers to all the mothers out there! 

In keeping with Mother’s Day, this article’s all about that special gift, guaranteed to bring a tear to her eye: Our personalized book “A Love like ours”.

The story focuses on the strong connection between mother and child. The book’s all about moments in life, both big and small and lovingly tells the story of how a child and their mother learn, grow and discover the world together. The perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

In our online store, you can customize the characters of your book in just a few clicks to make them look as you want them to. With a selection of options to choose from, you can use our online configurator to design the characters as suits the child and mother best. 


In addition to the appearance of the main characters, you can also have a personalized dedication printed in the front of the book. This way, you can make your Mother’s Day gift even more special and one of a kind. 


Did you know that Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days throughout the world? Find out more here.

A Gift and a card for all super-moms

Many sons and daughters don’t just get a gift for Mother’s Day, they use it as an opportunity to say thank you to them for all they’ve done. 


Perhaps you’d like a personalized card to do just that? As with all Librio products, our popular greeting cards are printed locally and sustainably on 100% recycled paper. They can either be sent directly to the recipient, or, if you prefer, you can have them delivered to you and write all that you want to say by hand. The card’s not just perfect for super moms but also super dads, super friends or just anybody who you want to make feel super special.


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