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Good luck verses for the first day of school

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We’ve put together some of the nicest little verses for the first day of school for you. Have a look through our list to find the right choice for your little one and surprise them with a short verse for this special occasion. 

Verses for the first day of school and a special gift

Sometimes there comes a time when you need a little confidence boost, especially when you’re setting out on a new adventure in life. Perhaps your little ones need a little bit of encouragement for the first day of school. Our book, “Welcome to School” is a wonderful gift for any child who’s about to start school or who needs a little confidence boost. You can also add your own personal dedication at the front of the book; the perfect spot for your verses for the first day of school nerves. 

What if nobody says “Hi!” to me? What happens if I don’t know how to do something?

When visiting school children from all over the world, your child finds the answers to his questions. The story helps deal with the nervousness that this new phase of life brings. Their journey leads them to Asia, Africa and Central America. Always with them is their clumsy, yet helpful bird: Bravebeak.


With just a few clicks of your mouse you can personalize your character to look just as you want them to look, add their name and also choose which language the book should be in.



Try it for yourself!

You can add your own dedication right at the start of the book – the perfect spot for your short poem.

Verses for the first day of school

The start of school is nearly here, 

But you don’t need to be nervous.

There’ll be others just like you there, 

All with the same purpose,

To make new friends and have some fun

All at the same time learning

New things about the world we’re in

And how it keeps on turning.

I’m so excited for you 

And your new inviting chapter.

Sending hugs and lots of luck,

For your next adventure.

School days can be so much fun,

Despite the stress of a school run!

But not to worry for when you’re there

The other kids won’t stand and stare,

They’ll welcome you with open arms

And show you how you’re special, 

Just be yourself with chin up high,

You’ve got this one my angel.

Starting school can be quite scary,

But don’t let it get you down.

You’re wonderful at all you do,

So wipe away that frown.

You’ll make new friends

And learn new things

And as the weeks go by,

You’ll wonder why you ever feared this big exciting day.

School will be such fun for you, 

Soon you’ll be whizzkid smart,

Writing, reading, arithmetic and 

Most exciting, art! 

Have fun at your first day my child

And don’t forget to say,

Hello to everyone you  meet

And have a lovely day!

How is it today already?

Where has the time flown?

Just yesterday you were in my arms,

And now you’re nearly grown.

You’re off to school to learn and see

Just how wonderful life is.

Head up high and don’t be scared,

My darling, you’ve got this.

I’m so proud of you my little one and cannot wait to hear

All about the day you’ve had, when you reappear.

Rhyming verses not your thing? Then check out this article and see if there’s something more appropriate from our selection of texts for starting school.

Verses for the first day of school: Personalized greeting cards

At Librio you’ll find beautiful, personalized greeting cards for children – including a great card for starting school. Personalize the name and appearance of the child, add your text and send the greeting card directly to the little one’s home. As with all Librio products, these card’s are produced sustainably and locally.

The perfect gift for starting school

In addition to writing something a little special to wish the little ones good luck for their first day at school, how about a gift to go along with it? With “Welcome to School” you’re guaranteed to make their first day at school even more especially memorable. Or how about a special “Search-and-Find” book where your child gets to search for themselves?

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