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Librio Library 24 – The Incredible Hotel – Kate Davies

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Why we chose ‘The Incredible Hotel’

As the Librio Team were contemplating which book we should share with you all this month, as if by magic, this wonderful book, ‘The Incredible Hotel’ fell into our laps – twice.

Ok, so it didn’t quite fall into our laps twice; we apparently just got so excited about it that we unintentionally ordered it twice! (Oops!)

To be honest though, with a story like this one, it really wasn’t that big a deal, because it’s the kind of book that once you’ve read it, you’ll want to gift it to every child you know.

Incredible Hotel Cover Image

In ‘The Incredible Hotel’, everything runs like clockwork, all thanks to the young kitchen porter, Stefan. He brews the coffee, he keeps the place clean, and he makes sure that nothing gets overlooked or runs behind schedule. But what most people don’t know, is that what Stefan really dreams of is being a chef.

On the day of the 100th Anniversary of the Incredible Hotel, Stefan – after being told to get lost by the head chef – is of course absent and this is when everything descends into (rather amusing) chaos.

Can Stefan save the day? Read on to find out.

Favourite Image

Isabelle Follath’s illustrations are quite magical. Through her images both the members of staff and the guests alike are brought to life. The expressions of the characters and the vibrancy of the pictures make it almost impossible to want to turn the page as you just want to absorb it all for longer. One of our favourite images is when all hell breaks loose and the previously well organised hotel falls into a state of absolute pandemonium.


The Incredible Hotel - Pandemonium


Kids will like

In ‘The Incredible Hotel’ there are so many things to keep kids entertained. There’s the snooty countess, the sneaky cat and mouse hiding on each page and the wonderful amounts of glorious looking food in almost every picture. They’ll be hooked right from the word go. The humorous tone of the story, also gives readers a great opportunity to make up silly voices for all the characters as they read, something which never fails to get the little ones involved and giggling.


Parents will like

With such a likeable protagonist as Stefan, you can’t help but love this tale. The subject matter also, told in such a wonderfully humorous and relatable way, sends a lovely message of how you can – despite setbacks or challenges – still achieve your greatest dreams if you have faith in yourself.


If you like ‘The Incredible Hotel’

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