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Librio Library 25 – Dragon Post – Emma Yarlett

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Why we chose Dragon Post

In addition to our books and our art prints, we recently started selling personalised greeting cards and we’re so excited to be able to offer this new product to you all! Bearing this in mind, for our next instalment of our Librio Library we went on the hunt for a book with a similar theme to cards and letters and we found this gem.


‘Dragon Post’ by Emma Yarlett is a wonderful little find and something we felt we needed to share with you immediately once we’d read it!


Personally, I am a huge fan of dragons and I know that this would have been a dream come true if this had happened to me as a child. But, imagine for a second that you were to find one hiding in your basement. What would you do?

Dragon Post cover

Alex, the protagonist, is over the moon to discover a dragon hiding in his house – because he always wanted to keep one as a pet. With his new companion though, he suddenly realises that he doesn’t have a clue how to actually look after one! What do dragons eat? Will he set fire to the house? What if the house is too small for him?


To try and make his home the best place possible for his new friend, Alex sends letters to all the people he can think of who might be able to help him in his quandary.


The book contains some absolutely brilliant ‘pull-out’ letters from all the people Alex writes to which adds a great sense of humour to the story itself and is a wonderful selling point for the little ones. There are also some classic puns when it comes to the writers of the letters, which will definitely keep all ‘Dad Joke’ aficionados happy!


Favourite image

When the fire department advises Alex to always keep plenty of water handy and to maybe douse the dragon with it regularly to make sure he doesn’t catch fire or heat up too much, he definitely doesn’t need telling twice and goes straight at it with the garden hose! (Every parent’s dream! Yikes!)

Kids will like

What kid wouldn’t love a dragon as a pet? Especially, when it’s as friendly and cheery looking as the dragon in this story…


A highlight for little ones, of course, are the letters from the various characters. They can pull each of them out of their individual envelopes in turn and read them as if it was addressed to them. They really are a highlight of the book and wonderfully thought out!



Parents will like

Emma Yarlett has put so much creative-artistry into this book that it definitely won’t just be the children who are hooked. The images are great, the letters are funny and it’s a great opportunity for those who enjoy impersonating characters to really go to town on the various people who wrote the letters. (I know I did!)


If you like Dragon Post

There are many more books from Emma Yarlett we can recommend, but The Book Monster is the next instalment after Dragon Post and equally as entertaining.


Further reading tips from our collection

We love books with dragons! We love them so much that we created our very own book with a dragon in it. In ‘Welcome to the World’ our Librio dragon welcomes a child and shows them all the magical wonders of the world, making it an ideal gift for a newborn or a birthday. 


Perhaps though, after reading so many of the Dragon Post letters you’ve got a hankering to write your very own? Whether it’s a homemade card, or a personalised card from Librio – everybody always loves receiving nice mail. If you check out our blog you can read all about how our Art Director, Nick, came up with the inspiration for our greeting cards.