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Librio Library #26 – The Koala who could – Rachel Bright & Jim Field

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Why we chose ‘The Koala Who Could’

One of the reasons why we chose ‘The Koala Who Could’ is because we have some very exciting news to tell you all! Until very recently any book purchased from us would’ve been printed locally in Switzerland, Germany, England or the USA.


From this month on though, it’s a ‘G’day Australia!’ from all of us here, as we’ve just joined forces with our newest Printers in Oceania. What better way to celebrate this collaboration than with a story about a little koala bear?

The Koala who could cover image - clinging to his tree

The story is about a koala called Kevin. Kevin is perfectly happy sitting in his tree, eating his leaf-buns and staying in his comfort zone, high up above all the hustle and bustle down below.


Although he occasionally wonders what it would be like to join in with all the fun the other animals are having, and despite them constantly asking him to join in, he decides that it’s just ‘too risky!’ to try, and so he continues clinging to his branch.


Favourite image

The image where all of the other animals (after trying – to no avail – to invite Kevin to join in their fun) decide to have a campfire evening beneath him with Kangaroo playing guitar and Porcupine playing the didgeridoo really makes you want to join in the songs and laughter.


Even Kevin who’s set in his ways is tempted to finally give in when he looks down and sees such a good time being had!

Animals all sitting around the campfire in the Koala who could

Kids will like

With his big nose and fluffy ears, Kevin will definitely be a hit with the little ones. The interaction with the other animals is also very well done and will definitely bring a smile to their faces as the story goes on.


Parents will like

‘The Koala who could’ is all about being brave, stepping outside your comfort zone and about friends supporting you along the way. It’s very sweetly told and certainly a theme that I’m sure many parents will themselves be able to relate to and enjoy reading about.


If you like ‘The Koala Who Could’

Rachel Bright and Jim Field have already collaborated on many books together. Both the ‘Whale who wanted more’ and also ‘The Lion inside’ are great picture books for children of Kindergarten age.


More recommendations from our collection

If you’re looking for more reading ideas, check out our blog post on ‘The duck who didn’t like water’. The theme of the story is similar to ‘The Koala Who Could’ in that it also focuses on stepping outside your comfort zone and allowing your friends to help you.

Or, if you’d rather try one of our own products, check out our book ‘Be Brave’. This also is based on little ones facing their fears and is a perfect gift for the start of the new school year. 


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