Grandpa's island

Librio Library #38 – Grandad’s Island – Benji Davies

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Why we chose ‘Grandad’s Island’

I don’t know about you, but summertime always makes me feel a bit wistful; wishing I could just pack a bag, click my fingers and ‘poof!’ I’m suddenly on a beautiful island in the middle of nowhere, enjoying the beauty of the world around me with absolutely no distractions whatsoever. That might just be me, but, if it’s not and you know the feeling too, then ‘Grandad’s Island’ could be a good book for you.

Grandad's island cover page

Grandad’s island is beautifully illustrated and really gives one the feeling of being somewhere exciting, adventurous and exotic. However, this isn’t just a story full of rich illustrations of a beautiful, exciting island. It’s an incredibly moving book handling the subject of loss of a loved one – specifically a grandparent. Davies’s tale is a sensitive and beautiful reminder that our loved ones live on in our memories long after they’re gone and it’s so beautifully done that we wanted to share it with you today.


Favorite Image

Granddad and Syd find an abandoned hut at the top of the island and – with a little help – turn it back into a wonderful home.


Grandad on his island house

Kids will like

This book is chock full of all things children like. From the brightly illustrated pictures of all the exotic birds and animals, to the secret door in the attic leading to the magical ship which takes them to the faraway island. It’s like every childhood dream of finding something so magical in plain sight. What’s not to love?


Adults will like

Grandad’s Island is an incredibly moving story and beautifully told. It lovingly and subtly deals with the topic of letting go and saying goodbye to a loved one. It’s exciting and brightly coloured enough to capture a child’s attention, but the story behind it all and the message it carries is definitely one which will resonate with adults and make it all the more appealing and moving for them as well.


If you like Grandad’s Island

Anyone interested in more books from Benji Davies won’t be disappointed! With his imaginative and moving stories, the British author caters to all ages. He’s received multiple awards for his picture books and they’ve also been translated into more than 35 languages.

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