The Snow lion

Librio Library #40 – ‘The Snow Lion’ – Jim Helmore and Richard Jones

2 Minute Read

Why we chose ‘The Snow Lion’

It recently occurred to us that, despite ‘The Snow Lion’ already having been a part of our office library for quite some time, we’d not yet introduced it to you all in our collection of book recommendations. It’s a wonderful little story, so we realized that this was something we had to remedy, pronto!

The Snow Lion cover

Caro and her Mum have just moved into a new, very white house. Poor Caro’s feeling a bit lonely though… if only there was someone there for her to play with… Hang about though. What’s that? A snow lion!? Well I never…

Favorite Image

We love this picture of Caro and the Snow Lion playing about together. We especially liked the added touch of her little pet cat getting involved too. Apparently it wasn’t remotely scared of its giant friend either!

Kids will like

A lovely, cuddly snow lion to play with! What little one wouldn’t love that concept?


Adults will like

We have to admit that it’s not just kids who probably wouldn’t mind a lovely, cuddly, giant snow lion to play with! We know we would.  


If you liked ‘The Snow Lion’

The book ‘Paper Planes’ is another wonderful collaboration between Jim Helmore and Richard Jones. It’s a beautiful story about two children, their friendship and their dreams. Or how about this gorgeous book called ‘Perdu’? It’s a moving, beautifully illustrated story of a lost little dog and his search for a home. 

More recommendations from our collection

We have several picture books about wild animals in our Librio Library, such as the book ‘There’s a Tiger in the Garden‘ or ‘How to hide a lion‘ – both very beautiful picture books for children of kindergarten age. 


Perhaps you might also enjoy a wonderful book about the power of one’s fantasy and the magic of music. In our personalized picture book, ‘My Fantabulous Orchestra’ you decide who plays the lead role and you can even choose which instrument your character will play. The perfect gift for kids between 3-8 years old.

Fantabulous orchestra