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Librio Library #41 – The Field – Baptiste Paul & Jacqueline Alcántara

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Why we chose “The Field”

Librio and football… you might think that those two things go together like chocolate on pizza, but you’d be wrong. (Apologies to anybody who likes chocolate on pizza by the way, we’re sure it’s lovely!) 


We’ve been acting as sponsors of a local children’s football team for some time now and back in March we posted about their wonderful new Librio T-shirts on our blog


In keeping with this theme, this month’s book recommendation is a children’s book about football, “The Field” by Baptiste Paul and Jacqueline Alcántara.

The Field, the cover

The girls and boys are having a whale of a time playing football. Keeping their eye fixed on the ball as they sprint across the field, dribble the ball, score goals and cheer their little hearts out – that is, until it’s evening and it’s time to go home. Not long until the next game though!


Favorite image

A true footballer doesn’t let a little drop of rain distract them from their game! Here the children brave the bad weather and continue to dive after the ball in the mud as the game continues in the soggy field. We love the way illustrator Jacqueline Alcántara manages to bring the game to life with her immersive, dynamic illustrations.

Kids will like

Baptiste Paul wonderfully describes an action-packed day on the pitch. The activity within the story will definitely appeal to children – especially those who are passionate about football.

Adults will like

“The Field” has a great sense of joy and lightness to it. It’s all about community and having fun, which really comes across with its snappy, descriptive text and exhilarating pictures. It reminded us of some of our own childhood memories; times when we spent the whole day outside with our friends and the time just flew by.


If you like “The Field”

Baptiste Paul, co-authored the book “Peace” with his wife, Miranda. He’s also collaborated again recently with Jacqueline Alcántara on another book called “Climb On”.

More recommendations from our collection

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