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Librio Library #45 The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons in one Day – Jessica Courtney-Tickle

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Why we chose “The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons in one Day”

„The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons in one Day“ is an extra special book and perfect for anyone who loves music. Immerse yourself in the strains of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as you follow the main characters on their exciting day and get to listen to Vivaldi’s music as you go.

Four seasons in one day

A busy day lies ahead for Isabella and her puppy, Pickle. They celebrate the start of Spring, feel the heat of summer, get caught in a thunderstorm, help with the harvest and get to build a snowman in the freezing cold of winter. The book has built in sound modules which, when pressed, play excerpts from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as you follow the narrative alongside Isabelle and Pickles as they experience the changing seasons all in the space of a day. 

This book brings children closer to the composer and his incredible works and lets them immerse themselves in the magical world of classical music.

Favorite image

If we’re completely honest, pretty much every image in this book is our favorite! But, since we have to choose one, we finally decided on autumn with the cute little family of bunnies to the left side of the image. 


Kids will like

Every page in this book is brimming with detail and children can get lost in the pages for ages as they discover all the beautiful details Jessica has put into each page. The most exciting part though of course are the musical buttons!

Adults will like

Beautiful illustrations, an appealing story and buttons to press (yes, we know… let’s face it, we’re all still children at heart!) also, the added element of bringing classical music closer to children, what more could you want?!


If you like “The story orchestra: Four Seasons in one Day”

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