Ich kann fliegen - Der kleine Pinguin schaut den Möwen zu

Librio Library #47 – I can fly – Fifi Kuo

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Why we chose “I can fly”

If you’re subscribed to our monthly Newsletter, or have already ordered a personalized book from Librio, then you probably know about the Librio forest animals. Mrs. Owl, Mr. Bear and co. who first appeared in our book, “The Tree, The Key & Me” are also part of our wonderful customer service. But, did you know that there’s also a Librio penguin? He has a very special place alongside the main character in our personalised Search-and-Find books. Just as the main character is hiding throughout the book, our little penguin has also hidden himself somewhere on every page – you can find out more here


Following on from this theme comes our latest book recommendation about a very special little penguin.

I can fly cover

The little penguin in Fifi Kuo’s picture book has big dreams: he wants to fly!

“Penguins can’t fly,” says his Dad.
“Penguins can’t fly,” says the seagull. 

Little penguin doesn’t let this stop him trying though and, full of enthusiasm and optimism he tries to make his dream come true.


“I can fly” is a great book for kids of 4 years and up.

Favorite image

We loved Fifi Kuo’s simple, yet beautiful chalk drawings showing little penguin’s many attempts at flying and his going splat with tiredness at the end. The artist was awarded the Macmillan Prize for young talents in the field of picture book illustration in 2017. 

Penguin trying to fly

Kids will like

A cute little squidge of a protagonist like little penguin will definitely be a hit with children. The illustrations and the lovely story combined make it an instant hit.

Adults will like

Fifi Kuo’s book is a beautiful story, full of hope, confidence and perseverance rounded off with an adorable little penguin. What’s not to like?


If you like “I can fly”

If you’re interested in more of Fifi Kuo’s stories, her books “Everyone can draw”, “The Perfect Sofa” or “The Magic Hug” might be for you.

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