Agnes' street in Norway

Librio Library #49 – Agnes’ Place – Marit Larsen & Jenny Løvlie

2 Minute Read

Why we chose Agnes’ Place

As the saying goes, one should never “Judge a book by its cover” however, on this occasion we did it anyway. The cover of “Agnes’ Place” drew us in as soon as we saw it. When the cover’s as good as this one, there surely must be a good story behind it, right?

Agnes's place

Agnes lives in a city, in a green apartment building where she feels right at home, knows all of the inhabitants and all of their daily routines. There’s only one person that Agnes doesn’t yet know – Anna, a young girl who’s just moved in.

Favorite image

The illustrations by artist  Jenny Løvlie are wonderfully charming and make you want to dive right into the story. Our favorite image shows Agens watching Anna through the peephole in her front door as she and her family move into the flat above.

Agnes's favourite image

Kids will like

This picture book is one of those which gives children a special sense of coziness: the kind of story that’s nice to read on a cloudy day with a hot mug of cocoa in your hand perhaps.

Adults will like

The picture book focuses on the concept of change and tells the tale of the start of a new friendship. With atmospheric illustrations, “Agnes’ place” is a picture book that appeals to both children and adults.


If you like Agnes’ Place

 “Agnes’ Place” is the first children’s book by Norwegian singer and songwriter Marit Larsen. The artist Jenny Løvlie has already illustrated several children’s books, such as the book “Time to Move South for Winter” and has been awarded the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize for her work.

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