Huck and Finn lounging around

Librio Library #50 – Huck and Nell – Tom Reed

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Why we chose “Huck and Nell”

Are you a cat or a dog person?

The Librio team is divided on this issue. Whilst some of us can’t get enough of cats, others are obsessed with dogs. When it comes to the book, “Huck and Nell” though, we all agree that it’s great – regardless of whether we’re a cat or a dog person.

Huck and Nell cover

Boooooooooring: For Huck and Finn, time just doesn’t seem to want to pass and absolutely nothing exciting seems to be happening. To escape their paralyzing monotony, the two dogs embark (pun intended) on an exciting journey of discovery. From the roaring sea, all the way into the weightlessness of outer-space their adventure takes them all over. We don’t want to reveal too much, but suffice it to say, their boredom is definitely over!

Favorite image

How, as an illustrator, would you most effectively send two dogs on an exciting adventure in a children’s book?

Directly through the spine of the book, of course!

Disappearing doggy!

Kids will like

The book is suitable for children of four years and up and is full of humor. It tells a funny story of fantasy and is full of unique ideas, guaranteed to make little ones smile.

Adults will like

The humor in Tom Reed’s book isn’t just aimed at children, we’re pretty sure that even adults will find “Huck and Nell” anything but boring.


If you like “Huck and Nell”

Tom Reed has recently been nominated for the Swiss Children’s and Youth prize this year and you can find even more of his wonderful books on his website.

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From a little penguin with a big dream, to a fascinating discovery on a beach or an unusual house guest in the cellar – in our Librio Library you’ll find plenty of book recommendations guaranteed to entertain your little ones. Our own book “A Tale of Two” is also hugely popular with the little ones wanting to dive into the world of fantasy and is also similar in theme to “Huck and Nell”.


In this story, two children of your choice play the main roles. During a fantastical game of hide and seek in the library, they enter a magical world, exploring all kinds of books and the main characters therein.


The book is 36 pages long and ideal for kids aged 2-8 years old.

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