The boy and the whale

Librio Library #54 – The Boy and the Whale – Linde Faas

1 Minute Read

Why we chose “The Boy and the whale”

Whales and children’s books are not only a very popular combination, but also one that works wonderfully together. This is the case with our most recent find for our Librio Library.

The Boy and the Whale cover

After nodding off in his small boat, the boy gets caught in a violent storm and unexpectedly encounters a whale way out at sea. This is the beginning of an unusual, beautiful friendship that he will never want to let go of.

Favorite Image

Linde Faas’s illustrations are wonderful. They almost have something magical about them in the way they manage to bring the different moods of the sea to life. 

Kids will like

A whale as a friend – what an incredible idea for childrens’ fantasies.

Adults will like

“The Boy and the Whale” is a peaceful book and a nice short read for evening time. The beautifully told story and the great pictures let kids and adults both immerse themselves in the story.


If you like “The Boy and the Whale”

Linde Faas lives and works in Tromsø, in the arctic. The nature of Norway is a great source of inspiration for the Dutch artist as she beautifully documents on her Website.

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