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Librio Library #56 – “My Big Bear, My Little Bear, and Me” by Margarita del Mazo and Rocio Bonilla

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Why we chose “My Big Bear, My Little Bear and Me”

Anyone taking a look through our Librio Library will notice that we might have a bit of a fondness for bears. From a bear looking for his hat, to a little bear building a boat, to another discovering spring – our library is full of bear-themed picture books and our latest addition fits perfectly into our collection.

Cover of the book

The little protagonist of this story is very lucky because she has not one, but two bears at her side at all times. The story is told from the girl’s perspective and is aimed at children up to the age of seven.

From the very first page, Margarita del Mazo and Rocio Bonilla create a unique atmosphere of security, a theme that characterizes this book.

Favorite image

No matter whether you’re a little bear, or a big one – everybody needs a hat to keep them warm in the cold, cold winter days. 

The illustrations by Spanish illustrator Rocio Bonilla really bring across the cozy feeling of closeness. 

Little girl having her big bear help her with her hat

Kids will like

The book is very popular with little ones. Looking after their own cuddly toy and being looked after by a big (daddy or mummy) bear is very relatable to many children’s everyday world.

Adults will like

The charm of “My Big Bear, My Little Bear and Me” also appeals to adults. The book is a short yet emotive when read-aloud and a lovely opportunity to spend time with your little ones reading through it together.

If you like “My Big Bear, My Little Bear and Me”

Rocio Bonilla has contributed to numerous book projects. The audio book ” What color is a kiss?”, which brings together a selection of her stories, including “The highest mountain of books in the world” and “This is not a jungle”, will be published soon.

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