Van Dog eating at his table

Librio Library #57 – “Van Dog” by Gosia Herba and Mikołaj Pasiński

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Why we chose “Van Dog”

“Van Dog” has fascinated us for a long time, but be under no illusions… he’s no ordinary dog. He’s a true artist!

One fine summer morning, he sets off into the countryside to paint a picture. He concentrates on his work – and doesn’t let himself get disturbed when the meadow around him suddenly comes to life.

Van Dog Cover page

“Van Dog” is a powerful and colorful ode to creativity, and well deserving of a cherished spot in our office Library!

Favorite Image

The book is characterized by exciting hidden object pictures, but readers can also look forward to some great close-ups. One of our favorite pages shows Van Dog making the acquaintance of a spider called – of all things! – Dumpling!

Dumpling the spider

Kids will like

“Van Dog” is bursting with quirky details that will tickle young imaginations: Think vampires craving tomato ice cream, a soaring feline, and a nighttime meadow-vacuuming mouse! The vibrant illustrations are sure to captivate little ones.

Adults will like

Adults will also enjoy immersing themselves in the colorful hidden object pictures. The images are anything but ordinary and the characters’ dialogues are full of charming, quirky humor.

If you like “Van Dog”

Gosia Herba and Mikołaj Pa live in Warsaw and have already collaborated on a few books. Their new book “No. 5 Bubblegum Street” was published just this month and focuses on apartment dwellers. For fans of astronomy, another of their joint books “Elephant on the Moon” is guaranteed to be a hit!

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