„Die allerkürzeste Gutenachtgeschichte der Welt“: Die Tiere im Badezimmer: Sie machen sich bereit für die Nacht

Librio Library #58 – “The Quickest Bedtime Story Ever!” – Louise Fitzgerald and Kate Hindley

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Why we chose “The Quickest Bedtime Story Ever!”

It’s been more than two years since we introduced you to the interactive book “Bunny Slopes”, so we felt it was high time for a new and equally wonderful one!

Let’s get comfy and dig into the world’s shortest bedtime story. But wait: there’s still a lot to do: stretch, warm up your reading voice, gather all your cuddly toys and create a cozy atmosphere.

This new addition to our office library is an entertaining read-aloud story for the evening – perfect for children aged three and up.

Favorite image

The illustrations by Kate Hindley are a wonderful match for this enjoyable story. The animals in their pajamas exude an engaging, childlike charm. Our favorite though? The little fox, who sleeps through the whole evening ritual and dozes peacefully right in the middle of all the action.

Kids will like

In this book, children can actively become part of the story. This increases interest, is enjoyable and can be a nice addition to their more conventional stories.

Adults will like

“The Quickest Bedtime Story Ever!” is a book for anyone who wants to bring out their playful side when reading aloud. Louise Fitzgerald’s text is a refreshing invitation to add some variety to the bedtime ritual. 

But does so much hustle and bustle fit in with a quiet evening? Anyone who’s worried about whether the little ones will actually fall asleep after so much hands-on action, the book does actually make a small but subtle promise to the children right at the beginning that they will go to sleep at the end of the book. It’s best to try out whether this type of story fits in with your own evening ritual.

If you like “The Quickest Bedtime Story Ever!”

If you like Kate Hindley’s illustrative style, we recommend her picture book series “The Littlest Yak”. The third volume, which has been announced for September, is about moving house and the happiness of a new home. 

More recommendations from our collection

In our range you’ll find many beautiful, short bedtime stories. Filled with great tales and illustrations, our books are perfect for cozy evenings. How about the forest fairy tale “The Tree, The Key & Me”, for example? An imaginative story for children up to the age of seven that invites them to enter the world of fantasy.

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