„Das Grand Hotel der Gefühle“: Die Traurigkeit setzt das Bad unter Wasser

Librio Library #59 – “The Grand Hotel of Feelings” – Lidia Branković


Why we chose “The Grand Hotel of Feelings”

Children’s books have a very special magic: they can bring up complex topics in a simple way. One of the most fascinating topics in children’s books is that of feelings. In this blog article, we’d like to present a wonderful example of this from our office library: “The Grand Hotel of Feelings” by Lidia Branković.

The grand hotel of feelings Cover

Welcome to the Grand Hotel of Feelings, where every new day has a surprise in store. The guests of this extraordinary hotel could not be more different: From loud anger to small voiced sadness, everything is there. While some emotions make pleasant guests, others are quite exhausting for the hotel manager. But this is no reason for any of them to be turned away at the hotel entrance, because one thing’s for sure: In the Grand Hotel of Feelings, there’s a room available for everyone. And just as the guests arrive again and again, sooner or later they’ll continue on their journey elsewhere.

Favorite image

Each guest has his own character and needs. With her fantastic illustrations, Lidia Branković portrays the emotions very aptly, so that with each page you dive deeper into the unusual world of the hotel.

The grand hotel of feelings favorite image

Kids will like

The Grand Hotel of Feelings is a playground for all kinds of characters: little ghosts, mermaids, flying dragonfly creatures, giant snails – the details make the children’s book full of wonderful surprises every time you read it!

Adults will like

Lidia Branković’s children’s book is an invitation to talk to one’s children about feelings. The different facets of the emotions become tangible and encourage children to recognize their own feelings, to name them and to “give them space”. Thus, the book can be a nice companion for social-emotional learning processes.

If you like “The Grand Hotel Of Feelings”

Lidia Branković grew up in Berlin and completed her master’s degree in communication design at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam in 2022. Her book “The Grand Hotel of Feelings” was part of her master’s thesis and found a publisher on the day of the final presentation.

Her second book “Circus of Shadows” is announced for release in September and we can’t wait!

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Das Buch „Das Grand Hotel der Gefühle“ ist im Hatje Cantz Verlag erschienen.