Mini Rabbit Not Lost

Librio Library #11 – Mini Rabbit Not Lost – John Bond

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Why we chose it:

Mini Rabbit Not Lost is right up our street. Quirky, beautiful, funny, memorable. It has everything a perfect picture book needs and is the kind of book we at Librio love to look at as inspiration and aspiration.


Mini Rabbit is making cake with Mother Rabbit when he realises they've run out of berries. "No berries, no cake!" says Mother Rabbit. "No way!" says Mini Rabbit and sets off on adventure to find berries to complete the cake. Along the way Mini Rabbit might, just might, get a little bit lost.


Mini Rabbit lives in an incredibly odd, fascinating world. Dreamlike colours. Trees with eyes. Rocks with eyes. Unidentified creatures lurking in the shadows. There's so much for children and adults alike to take in on every page.

Oh, and let's not forget that the story is great too.


A definite candidate for Favourite Book in Librio Library.

Favourite image:

Any number of them are candidates, but the one where Mini Rabbit first sets off is one which particularly stands out. I want to go there immediately and explore where Mini Rabbit lives.


A special mention here for the fact that there are berries hiding on pretty much every page, if only Mini Rabbit stopped and looked around instead of running headlong towards who knows where.


In fact, if you look under Mini Rabbit's house...

Librio Library Mini Rabbit Not Lost

Kids will love:

The absolute highlight is the punchline at the end. No matter how many times we read it, it's HILARIOUS every time.


Empathising with the main character. Mini Rabbit is really just like them in the way he storms off on a mission without regard for sense or safety. And the punch line at the end is the perfect, logical ending for an impulsive child like Mini Rabbit.


Adults will love:

Just as kids will love seeing themselves in Mini Rabbit, adults will love how John Bond has created a character which so perfectly encapsulates the adventurous spirit of their little ones.


Just as the punchline is so hilarious for children, it's such a perfectly-fitting end in the style of the thousands of face palm moments parenthood entails.


If you like this book:

Good News! Mini Rabbit's new adventure is coming out on Thursday April 30th. Perfect! Copy already ordered. One day we'll have enough Mini Rabbit books to spend all day surrounding ourselves in his weird and wonderful world.


Also, check out John Bond's Instagram feed. Maybe one of our new favourite corners of the internet.


Video Treat time:

Librio Library Mini Rabbit Not Lost