Librio Library 13 - Madalena Moniz - Today I Feel

Librio Library #13 – Today I feel … – Madalena Moniz

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Why we chose it:


It’s fair to say that the last couple of months have been intensely emotional for young and old alike, so here’s a beautiful little book of emotions to reflect upon as we explore the New Normal.

Librio Library 13 Today I feel - Madalena moniz Cover


Today I feel… by Madalna Moniz is an A-Z book with a difference. Instead of the standard Apple, Ball, Car, Today I feel… is an A-Z of feelings, each letter dreamily and evocatively illustrated in exquisite detail.


As little people struggle to come to terms with what they're feeling inside, especially in the current situation, books like Today I feel... are especially helpful to explore together so they can pick out their own emotions reflected in the book's charming illustrations.


With no narrative to speak of, it’s a perfect book to flick through and discover something new every time you pick it up.

Favourite image:

The detail on every illustration is a joy to behold, but the watery images are our favourite. The way the water plays across the page is gorgeous to look at and just makes you want to dive in yourself.

Librio Library 13 - Today I Feel - Madalena Moniz Favourite Image

Kids will love:

Some of the images take a familiar activity for little ones and stretch them across the whole page, letting them imagine how it would be to cover the whole floor in hand prints or do a puzzle several times larger than they are. This dwarfing of the character seemed to particularly intrigue our little ones.


Adults will love:

Being allowed to have this on your coffee table and flick through it when you want a bit of quiet time and escapism.


If you like this book:

We unfortunately couldn’t find any other books by Madalena Moniz, but here is a lovely article showing how she made the book. If you’re looking for another A-Z book with a difference, we can heartily recommend the amazing Once upon an alphabet by Oliver Jeffers. Each letter has its own story to tell and each story as bonkers as you’d expect from the wonderful Mr. Jeffers.

Librio Library 13 - Today I Feel - Madalena Moniz