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Personalized gift ideas for babies and toddlers

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When a baby is on its way and the due date is imminent, the search for a special gift begins for many soon-to-be aunts, grandfathers and neighbors. Many people search for personalized gift ideas for babies and toddlers as they have a certain special something that non-personalized gifts do not.

Only the best for the little ones: personalized gifts for newborns

It’s no coincidence that people often opt for personalized gifts: beautiful, unique gifts tailored to the child and carefully selected with the little one in mind make the surprise just a little bit more special. 

In this blog article we’ll be showing you just a few personalized gift ideas for babies and toddlers.

Personalized gifts: A book to welcome the little one

Our picture book “Welcome to the World” is a fantastic introduction to the wonderful and sometimes strange world that the little one has been born into. Accompanied by a friendly dragon, the baby discovers all the wonderful things and creatures that their new home has to offer.


The majority of our Librio customers choose this book when it comes to giving a special, personalized gift for a newborn. It’s available in several languages and has multiple five star reviews. In addition to the name and appearance of the child, you can also personalize the first page with your own dedication.

Personalized art prints: Another great gift for a baby or toddler

Our personalized art prints, featuring our very own Librio forest animals are also popular personalized gifts for babies and for toddlers’ nurseries. In addition to their name and date of birth, you can also add classic newborn stuff like height, weight and time of birth. You can also leave an inspirational message to your special one in the form of a quote from someone famous or from yourself.


As with all Librio products, these art prints are produced as sustainably and locally as possible. An invoice is not included in the package, so you can easily send the gift directly to the family.

At Librio you’ll also find gift ideas for older children. How about, for example, a personalized search-and-find book in which the little one gets to search for themselves (amongst other things!). In this blog article we tell you more about our Search-and-Find book as well as recommending some other beautiful children’s book suggestions.

Welcome the newborn with a personalized card

In addition to a little gift, greeting cards are also a nice idea to welcome a baby. We carry some lovely cards in our selection which are perfect for a birth and are hugely popular with our customers as well. 

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