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Personalized Gifts for a newborn

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When a pregnancy is announced within your family or your circle of friends, it’s not just the parents-to-be whose excitement grows, but also that of all of those around them. It’s a magical thing to share with one another and an exciting journey to be a part of. Of course, as the expectant mother nears the end of her pregnancy the inevitable thoughts of ‘Oh gosh! What can I buy them?’ crop up. You want to give them something meaningful – but it should also be unique and last a long time. Ouf, that’s not that easy. Is it? Perhaps we might just have the perfect solution for you.

Personalized gifts for a newborn and for new parents are always popular. Whether it’s an engraved bracelet for the mother, with the baby’s name on it; or a personalized babygrow for the little one, these small touches are always a hit!

In keeping with this tradition, are our personalised children’s books. With our books you not only get to create a story with the name of the little one, but you can also personalise it so that it looks like them too – making the gift all the more special.

Personalised Children’s books – a keepsake for years to come

Children often enjoy personalised books for years to come. As they grow older they associate these books with memories of cosy bedtime stories and with their first attempts at reading.

And, because the heroes and heroines of the stories have the same name and look like the little ones, children can imagine themselves in the actual story and live them through their imagination.

The person giving the book can also be immortalised within the pages by adding their very own, personalised dedication to the start of the book. Through this, the little one will forever be reminded of who gave them this special gift.

Thoughtful gifts for Mother and Baby

Another tip we have for giving gifts for a birth: don’t forget the parents! It’s easy when a little one comes along, to forget the parents in all the excitement surrounding the baby’s arrival.

Whether it’s for the baby shower or for the first post-birth visit, it’s always nice to bring the new (probably very tired!) parents a little something special to make them feel spoiled too. Another nice touch is to pamper the new mum with a nice body lotion from somewhere she likes, or to offer to help the new parents with some of the household chores so that they can get some rest. It’s the small things that count, and when there’s a newborn in the house, these small things can make all the difference.

It’s always so wonderful for us to see photos (shared by our customers) of our books with a nibbled corner or a big sticky handprint on the pages. To us this is the greatest honour a book can have because it shows how much it’s loved and how much it’s been read.

If this has made you want to create your own personalised gift, feel free to head on over to our online shop and check out our various product options. If you’re unsure of which one to go for, we recommend our Bestseller for babies: Welcome to the World.

We pride ourselves on our values at Librio, because each of our books is so much more than a gift for your loved ones. With every Libiro book sold, we donate a book to libraries in developing countries. We also only use sustainable materials and, because even recycled paper was once a tree, we also plant a tree for every Librio product we create.You can find out more about these topics in the menu under “Our values”.