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The most beautiful gifts for Dad

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Urgently needed: Gifts for Dad

Finding gifts for Dad can sometimes be quite tricky. Even if you know your father very well, finding a nice enough gift can still be something of a challenge.


What can I give my Dad? It’s a frequent occurrence: you spend ages clicking through different websites, looking at a variety of gifts for Dad but the perfect idea just simply doesn’t seem to exist.

We can’t guarantee that your search will end here, but we hope that with our gift recommendation we can at least give you a bit of inspiration for a suitable surprise for him. And, who knows? With a little luck, you might soon be able to delete the item ‘Gift for Dad’ from your to-do list.

Surprises for all Super-Dads

In this blog article, we’d like to introduce you to our picture book, “Lost for Words”. The book is a touching story about life as a parent and the wonderful bond between father and child. You can customize the appearance and the names of the main characters. With just a few clicks, you can design the two protagonists: You can choose from a variety of options including beard styles, glasses and gray hair all with our online Librio configurator.

“Lost for Words” lovingly describes the relationship between father and child. It shows how they enjoy the good times, overcome the challenging times and spend quality time together in the funny times. In the book, you can write your own personal dedication in the book or use the example provided.


Dear Dad,


The adventure we’re on together has been made many times, but the path we’ll take has never been taken before and will never be taken again.


By loving each other, trusting each other, learning from each other and enjoying the highs and lows, we’ll find our own way—day by day and year after year.

It’ll be the adventure of a lifetime, literally!

I love you,

Love xxx

The book has received multiple 5 star reviews and has moved many fathers to tears with its emotional content just like this father here


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Gifts and a card for Dad

Already found the perfect gift but still missing a card?


At Librio you can find a variety of beautiful, personalizable greeting cards.

As with all Librio products, the cards are locally produced and printed on high-quality 100% recycled paper. 


We also donate 1% of the turnover to social and ecological projects. Amongst others, Librio works directly with the organization Room to Read which you can read more about here.