Top 5 baby names US 2023

The most popular baby names in the US 2023

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Our top 5 baby names 2023: The most popular baby names in the US

Which baby names were the most popular baby names in the US 2023?

Our favorite poll is back! Once again we’ve dug through our treasure chest of names and looked in more depth at the names chosen by customers who purchased our personalized baby book, “Welcome to the World”. Want to see who came in first place? Read on.


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The most popular girls’ names in the US

Making it into the top 5 for the past two years, Olivia is once again the favorite at number 1. A new entry this year is the name Evelyn in 2nd place, with Emma gaining in popularity and rising to number 3 in comparison to being in 5th place last year. The hugely popular name, Amelia once again made it into the top 5 baby names this year however slightly less popular than in recent years it’s now at number 4. Charlotte has also dropped slightly since last year and is now in 8th place replaced by Lucy in 5th.

Top 5 girls names 2023

The most popular boys’ names in the US

Once again, Henry, Oliver and Luca have all remained in the top 5 this year with Henry in 1st,  Oliver in 2nd and Luca slightly lower in popularity this year in 5th place. However Noah has made a reappearance since 2021 and pipped Luca to the post in 3rd place. It also made a comeback in the UK, beating all of the above and landing 1st. In 4th place this year we have a new entry, Liam.

If you’re looking for some baby name inspiration we’ve put together a couple more articles on this subject for both boys and girls names as well as a selection of various others which you can see here.

The most popular baby names in the US 2023

We hope you’ve enjoyed our annual compilation of the most popular baby names and that if you’re looking for some inspiration for your little one this has been of some interest and help to you. 


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