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Unique baby names – Our selection

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Unique baby names and the meanings behind them: browse our most recent selection for some baby name inspo.


Over 18,000 newborns and their parents received a copy of our popular “Welcome to the World” book last year. As is the case with any Librio product, the name and appearance of the main character can be personalized in this book.


Last year’s selection of baby names couldn’t have been more diverse and we don’t want to miss sharing some of these gems with you. In this blog article we’d like to introduce just some of the ones that caught our eye.

About the book

“Welcome to the World” is a touching gift for a birth – an uplifting book introducing a child to our wonderful planet while inspiring parents to find wonder in the world around them. The personalization of the main character, the personal dedication page and the individual color design on the cover of the book make each book unique. 


With its beautiful illustrations and moving message, the book is a popular gift for newborns and is one of Librio’s bestsellers. The story is available in over fifteen languages, including German, Albanian, Danish and Portuguese. Like every Librio product, our baby book is made as sustainably as possible.

Unique baby names: Girls

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The meanings behind the names

The name Alma comes from Latin, Hebrew, Italian, Filipino, and Arabic and its meaning changes depending on where it’s used. The name’s Latin origin is ‘almus’, meaning “nourishing,” the Spanish word alma, meaning “soul.” But Alma also means “young woman” in Hebrew. 


Camille is both a boy’s and a girl’s name, bearing the meaning of “the honorable” or “the freely born”. In French-speaking areas, this name is very popular. We’ve put together a collection of some more beautiful French names in this blog article here.


The rare name Danae is of Greek origin. It originally appears in Greek mythology. Danae is the mother of Perseus, one of the mythos’ greatest heroes. She’s also credited with founding the city of Ardea during the Bronze Age. Last year we only printed one copy of our baby book with this powerful name.


The girls’ name Fia is a girl’s name of Italian, Irish and Portuguese origin meaning “wild or weaver”. It’s also the Anglicized version of the Irish name Fiadh where it also means “respect” and is one of the fastest-rising names in the Republic of Ireland.

Gisèle is of French origin and  is derived from the Germanic word geisil, “pledge”.


The name Kalina is a lovely little girl’s name of Bulgarian origin. It has its roots in the Slavic languages, including Polish, but its Bulgarian meaning translates to “love and affection,”.


Mayú – Its origins can be traced back to multiple cultures, including Japanese and Incan. In Japanese, Mayu means “true gentle beauty,” while in Incan mythology, it is associated with the goddess of rivers. 


Another unique name we came across was Oihane a name of Basque origin, meaning “From the forest”. 

The name Soraya is a Persian name that is derived from the Arabic name for the Pleiades star cluster Thurayya. It has a few different meanings, for example, “rich”’ and “princess” as well as “cluster of stars”.

Unique baby names: Boys

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The meaning behind the names


Alaric finds its origins in German. The meaning behind it is “powerful ruler”. With its arresting sound, it may be no surprise that Alaric is an ancient regal title favored by the kings of the Ostrogoths


The name Ameo is also one we’ve rarely seen. The name carries the meaning, “beloved”. 


Dáithí sometimes also written without diacritics as Daithi or Dathi, is an Irish name which means ‘beloved’ or ‘swift’. It’s the Irish equivalent of the name David, and has Gaelic origins.

Yet another name of Irish origin is Lachlan. This name means “from the land of lakes” or “from the fjord land.” It’s an Anglicized version of the Gaelic and Scottish Lachlann, which means “warrior from the land of the lochs” with loch meaning “lake” or “fjord” and lann translating to “land.” 


Ilario is an Italian boy’s name meaning “cheerfulness and joy”. If you’re interested in more Italian names we recommend this blog article here.


Mahé is a boy’s name meaning “gift of God”. A gallicized spelling of Mazhe, itself a Breton version of Matthew, which is currently popular for baby boys in France.


The name Viggo is a latinised form of the Old Norse name Vigge, which is also found in the form of other Germanic names, such as Ludvig. It stems from old Norse ‘vig’, meaning “battle or fight”.

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