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Every January, we send out a survey to our customers and every year, we’re amazed by the huge amount of time you take to let us know your thoughts.


This year, we received 3,000 replies with the average person taking 7 minutes to complete the survey. 7 minutes! In today’s day and age, that’s an eternity. In total, you amazing people took 350 hours (that’s 14 entire days) to let us know what you think.


Thank you!


While many of the responses are super-secret internal Librio info, we thought we’d share a few of our favourite findings.

Requests for more hair styles

This is a recurring theme every year. Although we offer several hundred combinations per book – in some cases several thousand – we’re never going to be able to cover all bases and we’re going to disappoint some people.

In fact, in 2019, we asked which new hair styles we should incorporate and, of the dozens of responses, nearly all suggestions appeared only once and there was no obvious “missing hair style” which we could easily add to our collection.


Because our books are so richly detailed, each new hair style is a big time investment by our illustrators. At one point, we sadly have to draw the line. However, we are aware that some of our books don’t cover as many bases as we’d like and we’re looking to rectify that.

Requests for eye colour

Eye colour is a tricky one. We originally offered it and were told that many people struggled to select the right one for their nephew / grandchild. We’ve been there ourselves, sending weird Whatsapps to relatives and friends:

“Er.. odd question for you Sis. Are Billy’s eyes blue or brown?”

“Green. How can you not know that?”

“Ah yes, I knew that. I meant another Billy.”


If you look at the picture books on your children’s shelves, you’ll see that almost all of them have black dots for eyes – in fact, looking at all these black-eyed kids in one book after another gets a bit freaky. We do appreciate that parents who create books for their own kids will know the eye colour, but at least not offering the option makes it easier for everybody to create a Librio book and means our books fit well with other non-personalised children’s books on your shelves.


Also, as we’ve learned to our cost, young children’s eye colour can change. My green-eyed daughter is not so happy about the blue eyes in her first Librio book.

Your favourite illustrations and stories

On average, you awarded our books a whopping 4.7 / 5 for illustration and 4.4 / 5 for story. We’re delighted they met with such approval.

Our baby book “Welcome to the World” scored best for illustration and our two-character book “A Tale of Two” scored best for story. It is rather good, isn’t it?


Librio Friends

A huge number of you said that you heard about Librio from your friends or family. That’s a wonderful thing for us to hear, because it’s a real indication of how much our existing customers cherish their Librio books. Thank you for telling people about us, we’re incredibly grateful. If you have already bought a Librio book and would like to take part in our Librio Friends referral program, you can find out about it here.

Thumbs up for our social and environmental commitments

It has always been a core principal of Librio to do business in a way that our children will be proud of and appreciate, so it’s great to get a massive thumbs up from our customers that we’re on the right track with our social and environmental commitments.


In 2020, we will deepen our commitment to these projects, beginning with a blog post this week about how we go about making our products as sustainable as possible. It’s challenging but incredibly rewarding.

German speakers love a joke

We sent our survey out in English, German and Spanish. Towards the middle of the survey, this question appeared:


Phew! Nearly there! Only Mole and Beaver to go! But first up, Desmond Wolfe would like to know: Would you like to hear a wolf joke?


Of all the participants, the most willing to hear the joke were German participants (98%), followed by Spanish (94%) and then the English (92%).


Considering the quality of the joke, we’d imagine 100% of participants groaned at the punchline.

And the winner is…

Congratulations to the three winners of our competition:


First prize of a hardback copy of all Librio books in our collection: Sandra S.


Second prize of two Librio books: Gaby K.


Third prize of one Librio book: Gill K.


Again, thank you so much to all those who took part. It really helps us know how to take Librio forward in a way that makes you and your little ones happy.

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  • Monika Russell

    February 29, 2020 at 9:43 am Reply

    So…4.7/5 + 4.4/5 = 9.1/5! Well done, Librio for that well-earned score!

    (Never noticed that about all the black-eyed peas-in-a-pod before…rather a strange phenomenon, really, seeing as no-one even HAS black eyes anyway!!!!! 😀 )

    Keep up the good work!

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