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Librio Library #31 – ‘Bunny Slopes’ – Claudia Rueda

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Why we chose ‘Bunny Slopes’

What’s more enjoyable on a winter’s day, than a nice snowy time in the mountains? Skiing, enjoying watching the landscape whizz past and then later, hunkering down in front of a warm fire to warm the cockles of your toes after a long day outside?


We’ve found a wonderful book where you and your little ones can enjoy all of this from the comfort of your sofa… well, at least most of it from the comfort of your sofa.

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In ‘Bunny Slopes’ you get to follow and guide a little bunny along the piste. You glide down slopes, make huge jumps and avoid many obstacles along the way.

‘Bunny Slopes’ is an interactive story, full of fun and humour. Perfect for children of preschool age.


Favourite Image

Claudia Rueda’s illustrations are kept quite simple, much like the plot of the story itself. Despite this though, they’re full of life and are great to look at. Our favourite image is the one at the end of the book where you see the little bunny with his mother in their living room – warmly wrapped up under a blanket as his soggy clothes dry by the fireplace.


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Kids will like:

What makes this book special is the interactive factor. Shaking the book, turning it, tapping it -all of it having an effect on the outcome of the story. It’s somewhat magical and the little ones love it when they can do something like that with a book. I know we enjoyed it!


Parents will like:

Did I say that it’s fun to play around with an interactive book as an adult?


If you like ‘Bunny Slopes’

If you haven’t had enough of Claudia Ruedas bunny, you should check out ‘Hungry Bunny’ and ‘Bunny Overboard’. These are also great interactive fun! The author-illustrator has already published 30 books and, in 2016, was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen and the Astrid Lindgren Memorial award.

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