A Taste of the Moon - Michael Grejniec

Librio Library #7 – A Taste of the Moon – Michael Grejniec

2 minute read

Why we chose it:

We're huge fans of picture books which take a simple premise and turn it something engaging and enjoyable for children.


I want my hat back by Jon Klassen - bear loses hat, tries to find it -, Stuck by Oliver Jeffers - boy gets kite stuck in tree, tries to get it down being two easy examples.


A taste of the moon feels like one of those kinds of books. It starts "For a long time, the animals had wanted to find out what the moon tasted like".


And so they try to taste it. The moon thinks it's a game and moves just out of reach every time the animals get too close.


It's exactly t he sort of thing that gets little minds racing. What does the moon taste like? And how do I get there?

Favourite image:
It's not so much one image, but the smile on the moon's face is mesmerising. How can one little line convey so much emotion? The moon looks so sweet (not salty) and like it's enjoying the game so much that you cannot help empathise with it as it plays with the animals.


Kids will love:
Kids love anything to do with the moon anyway. Add in a bunch of cool animals and you're already onto a winning combinations before the story starts to unfold. They'll love the climax as the animals almost, almost reach the moon. They couldn't make it all the way, could they...?


Adults will love:
The silliness of the premise, the simple beauty of the illustrations, trying to work out what the moon illustration is made out of. Is it a crisp? What does it taste like?


If you like this book:
Kallandraka, The Spanish publisher where we found this book first is renowned for publishing interesting, arty books which may not have the commercial appeal of Oi Frog!  but have wonderful, interesting books to delight young and old alike. Another favourite of ours, Balea, was a big contender for this Librio Library spot.

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